Meet Dr. Reeves

Dr. ReevesTodd Reeves, D.M.D., established Reeves Cosmetic Dentistry, formerly Greystone Family Dentistry, in October of 1997. He is originally from Monroe, Louisiana. Dr. Reeves obtained his dental degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham June of 1995, graduated second in his class.

His vision for his dental practice has always been to offer every patient the best. To help him achieve this goal, Dr. Reeves began attending The Las Vegas Institute for Cosmetic Dentistry. The courses he has taken at this cosmetic institute, have equipped Dr. Reeves to take his dental knowledge to a higher level of achievement. Since this training, he is capable of successfully treating symptoms for TMJ by performing Neuromuscular Dentistry while also revealing with cosmetic procedures already beautiful smiles.

Dr. Reeves goal for every patient is complete and comprehensive dental health. He achieves this by educating patients to make sure they know all of the treatment options that are available. To do this, Dr. Reeves must also continue his education. He completed the Dura Thin course in Nashville, TN and Dr. Reeves was the first Dr. in the state of Alabama trained in this cutting edge technique. This procedure is a conservative approach to achieving a great cosmetic result. In Dr. Reeves spare time, he enjoys playing golf, going to the lake and spending time with his family. He and his wife, Amiee, have 3 daughters, Laurel, Shamira and Joan and 2 sons, Coleman and Derrick. They live in the Oak Mountain area.


Passion for People

Passion-for-People-1Dr. Reeves has a passion for helping people, which is evident with his involvement in Sozo Children. For more information on how you can help or become involved, please visit their website


Dr. Reeves does medical missions every year to the region. He also attends and helps with the annual golf tournament to raise funds for the organization. The next time you are in his office, take a look at the SOZO necklaces that are available for purchase to aid in his mission.