Personalized Smile Evaluation

  1. Have you ever used your hand to cover your smile?
  2. Do you try to smile with your mouth closed in photographs because you are embarrassed?
  3. Would you like whiter, more vibrant teeth?
  4. Do you think you show too much or too little of your teeth when you smile?
  5. Do you have any black mercury fillings that show, or concern you that you would like changed?
  6. Do you have old crowns or caps that don’t match your natural teeth or that you are unhappy with?
  7. Would you like to change the way your teeth or gums are shaped?
  8. Would you like to straighten your teeth with Dura Thin Veneers?
  9. Are you interested in information about halitosis or bad breath?
  10. Do you suffer from facial pain, headaches, shoulder and neck pain, chipping or worn down teeth?